Why should you buy from a small watch manufacturer?

Why Should You Buy from a Small Watch Manufacturer?

If you’re looking for a new watch, you may want to consider buying from a small watch manufacturer. By supporting these independent watchmakers, you’re ensuring you’re getting a high-quality watch with a unique and creative design. Small watch manufacturers don’t have the same restrictions as larger companies, allowing them to craft pieces that are more individual and special.

They have a wide range of styles, from classic to modern, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste. Not only that, but you’ll also be getting a watch that you’re sure to love for years to come, something that will become a part of your life and help you create memories. In this article, we’ll explain why it’s better to buy a watch from a small watch manufacturer, and the benefits it can bring.

Independent companies

Small watch manufacturers are often independent companies, and that’s something to be celebrated. Unlike bigger companies, they don’t have to make compromises when designing their pieces. Instead, they can focus on their own principles and craft each watch with care and attention. This means they can experiment with new materials, colors, and styles without worrying about selling faster. It also means they can make use of traditional techniques and skills that have been passed down for generations. The result is a unique and beautiful timepiece, full of personality and charm. It’s no wonder these little companies are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re looking for something special and one-of-a-kind, you can’t go wrong with a watch from a small manufacturer. 

They plug a specific gap in the market 

Small watch manufacturers are making waves across the industry! By plugging a specific gap in the market and providing high-quality watches at lower prices than the bigger brands, they are giving consumers an alternative to the expensive options. This is great news for those of us who want to own a luxury watch without having to spend a fortune. With the right brand, we can get a stylish, reliable, and well-crafted timepiece at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but small manufacturers often create unique and innovative designs that you won’t find anywhere else. They’re often the best kept secret in the world of luxury watches and can provide a unique and exciting option for those who want to stay on-trend without breaking the bank.

No need for compromising 

Bigger companies must constantly juggle the need to stay true to their roots and the need to appeal to the public. Watch enthusiasts often desire something other than what the vast majority of customers want. Companies that are part of a larger organization are typically limited in their target audience and pricing structure. For instance, Longines and Omega, which are part of the Swatch Group, are not allowed to compete with each other. Therefore, they must regularly make concessions to stay away from each other’s way.

Small watch manufacturers do not have to deal with these problems. They can focus on providing products to aficionados, watch collectors and watch admirers as well. This is obvious in their design choices, creative expression, case sizes and many other features which are composed with the simple aim of achieving beauty and mechanical perfection. These manufacturers don’t need to comply with mass-production and in turn, they deliver outstanding timepieces that are bound to bring something unique to the table.

Staying true to their vision

A further benefit of small watch companies is that they are usually created by a single individual or family. This provides them the chance to be extreme in their design and decision making. These self-funded organizations do not have to answer to anyone – no board, no investors. Their sponsors gave them money because they appreciated the novel thought they proposed and they can then follow that thought with very little alteration and compromise.

Here are some reputable small watch manufacturers to consider when making your next purchase:


Since 1828, Tufina has been operating as a family business with a distinguished past in watchmaking. Their name and background are an essential part of the brand and they are renowned for their excellent timepieces. For many years, Tufina watches have been seen as symbols of distinction and custom. Rigidly adhering to German standards regarding quality, production, manufacturing, and design, their two collections, Theorema and Pionier, offer a sense of prestige and luxury.

Tufina provides its customers with watches that boast original designs. They are all different, with an array of models that feature intricate details, smooth edges and lines. The company puts a great amount of effort in creating unique pieces which reflect their values and personality. Their artisans view their work as a form of art that gives the user a timepiece of unmatched quality. These timepieces will serve as an extension of the wearer’s persona, adding elegance and confidence to their look.


Baltic has been established to provide a more genuine method of watchmaking through the use of the purest techniques to create vintage-style watches. Customers can anticipate neo-vintage watches with mechanical movements and well-crafted cases that are inspired by the best vintage watches. Their products meet the highest contemporary quality standards. All Baltic watches are assembled, regulated, and tested by knowledgeable and experienced watchmakers located in Besançon, France. Baltic’s watches, which feature a modernized vintage aesthetic, are available to purchase online at an affordable rate. The brand’s creative approach to neo-vintage watchmaking is a sign of the inventiveness and unique ideas currently present in the watchmaking industry. 

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