Amazing Solitaire

Amazing Solitaire Tricks You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are looking for some of the highly amazing Solitaire tricks, then you are at the right place. We are sure that you have not heard about these tricks before.

In addition, the game Solitaire is loved and played worldwide. Whenever the person gets free time, he indulges himself in playing Solitaire.

Initially, this game was launched and exclusively made for computer users. Its main purpose is to make the user well acquainted with the use of mouse and PC screen.

You can learn this game in less time, Check out the below-mentioned tips and win this game with ease:

Tip No.1

Amazing Solitaire Tricks

Whenever you make the first move, you need to make sure that you draw the card right from the deck. In this manner, you will get more of the options while playing Solitaire.

Create a foundation and stack all of the four suits, this should be your main objective of the game Solitaire.

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Tip No.2

You need to be playing with aces as well as twos right away!

The player has to simply understand that aces and two will never and ever help him in revealing the hidden cards. In this concern, it is suggested to put them in the foundation.

Tip No.3

If you do not have a king, then there is no need to leave a space.

You should only create space if you have a king card to place on it. The blank spots will turn out to be useless if you do not possess the card having a king.

Furthermore, a red king will require a black queen, a red jack, and also a black 10, a red nine. On the other hand, the black king should be paired up with a red queen, a blackjack as well as a red 10, a black nine.

Tip No. 4

The player should be moving the cards from the column carrying and possessing the most hidden cards. This is a simple tip that may help you in winning Solitaire.

Tip No.5

Your first move matters a lot while you play Solitaire. Most importantly, the more revealed cards you have, it means that there will be a higher chance of stacking them up.

In addition, you should be playing aces and twos the minute you spot them. Another thing that you have to remember is that you should not go too crazy with piling and stacking on aces.

Tip No.6

Experts of Solitaire have highlighted the fact that Bigger Ace Stacks have not always turned out to be better.

Furthermore, you need to stop following the bad approach that is all about building and creating the stacks too high. You might be wondering how many can you stack, here we are going to tell you!

It completely depends on your cards. All in all, you should not be going too much higher and try stacking all foundations in an even manner.

Moreover, if you unevenly stack them, then there is a chance that your game plan of Solitaire may get into trouble.

Tip No.7

When playing Solitaire, you should try wisely using the king card. If you use the card incorrectly, then you might see lots of blockages.

We can give you an example of this concern!

If you have got a red queen, blackjack, as well as other piles of cards, make sure that you do not block them by using and placing a red king. You should wait for some time and try placing the black king card.

Tip No.8

The last important tip is that you should be attacking the pile carrying the most hidden cards.

The minute you get into the position to spot the luxury and opportunity of being able to make clever moves, do not miss this phase at all!

You can follow this tip by moving the card right from the column showing the most-face down cards. In this manner, you will enter the mode to reveal new cards. Thus, this is the ultimate secret of efficiently playing Solitaire.


This is how to play Solitaire! We hope that you will find these tricks the most amazing of all. Keep tuned with us as more hacks and tips are sooner to be shared sooner.

You have to understand that the game of solitaire is not all luck. It involves skills and mental aptitude and this is what we have displayed in the above-mentioned tricks.

If you implement these Solitaire hacks and tips, then you will be able to increase and simplify your chances of winning.

We know that this game was launched in 1989, and since then, it has grabbed millions of lovers.

You can share with us your clever tricks regarding how you play Solitaire and how you end up getting a straightforward win.

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