Applying For A Student Visa Subclass 500 – Follow These Steps

The Student Visa Subclass 500 will help you enrol in your favourite Australian university and build a wonderful academic career. Australian universities regularly feature on the lists of top global universities, which is highly attributed to world-class academic infrastructure, expert faculties, and interactive teaching methods. 

So, you can understand how beneficial it will be if you properly apply for the Visa 500. In addition to allowing the holder to study, this visa also allows them to work part-time, thereby helping to cover living costs. Go through the step-by-step application procedure detailed here.


Step 1: Keep these things in mind before you apply

Whether you make an onshore or offshore application

If you make an offshore application, you will need to start the application procedure at least 6 weeks before the beginning of your academic course. 

On the other hand, if you apply while being present in Australia, give yourself plenty of time to make a stress-free and smooth application. Do not wait until the last date of validity of your current Australian visa.

Meeting eligibility requirements

The most important task in this phase is to check whether you meet all the eligibility requirements mentioned here.

  • Your minimum age should be 6 years if you are a school student.
  • You have to show the Department of Home Affairs that you are entering Australia only to study.
  • You have to collect the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from your Australian institute. It will serve as evidence behind your enrolment in an Australian course. Apart from the CoE, other documents may also be needed, depending on your course.
  • Necessary welfare arrangements are required for applicants under 18 years. 
  • You must have adequate English language skills. However, you will be exempt from this condition if you hold a passport of any English-speaking country.
  • Having Australian health insurance is mandatory.
  • You should have good health and character to apply for the Student Visa 500.


Step 2: Gather all the documents

Preparing all the documents is the most crucial of all steps. The visa outcome will depend on whether or not you have made a complete application. For the proper Student Visa 500 checklist, you should check the Document Checklist Tool available on the Department of Home Affairs website. To get accurate information, you have to enter the country of your passport and the name of your Australian education provider. If you have not made any final decision on your institute, choose the option ‘I have not decided on a provider yet.’

Documents that you should submit will be as follows.

Identity documents

  • Copies of passport pages where your personal details, photograph, and dates of passport issue and expiry are available
  • Copy of a national identity card
  • Name change proof (if applicable) that may include a marriage or divorce certificate, or name change documents issued by any overseas authority or an Australian Registry of Births, Marriages, and Deaths

Enrolment confirmation documents

  • A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) certificate issued by the Australian institute you want to enrol in
  • A letter of support, if the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or the Australian Department of Defence sponsors you
  • AASES (Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student) Form if you are a secondary exchange student

Necessary financial documents

As an international student residing in Australia for study, you must have an adequate financial capacity to cover tuition fees, accommodation and travel expenses. Currently, the annual living cost in Australia for an international student is AUD21041. Documents related to financial proof may include:

  • Bank statements
  • Deposits of money from a financial body
  • Scholarships or similar monetary support
  • Loans provided by any financial body or the government

If some other person is providing funds, the information you must submit will include:

  • Evidence of your relationship with that person
  • Proof of any other financial support they have provided you or any other Australian visa holder in the past
  • Their identity documents

Overseas Student Health Cover

All international students and their family members in Australia must have Overseas Student Health Cover from the day they arrive here. Your agent or your institute may arrange this health insurance scheme.

  • Suppose your insurance agent arranges it for you. In that case, you must include the name of your health insurance provider, the policy number, and the start and expiry dates of the policy on the application form.
  • Whereas, if your institute arranges it for you, you should include the name of the health insurance provider and the start and expiry dates of the policy. Note that the inclusion of policy number is not needed here.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) documents

You have to tell the Department of Home Affairs that you are coming to Australia to study only and return to your home country after your course ends. Your GTE statement has to mention why you chose Australia to pursue your career in the specified course despite its availability in your home country. These reasons may include economic, social and political situations in your country. In addition, you also have to mention how this course will help you find jobs in Australia. 

English language documents

To show that you are proficient in English, you have to submit the score of an internationally accepted English language test. Make sure the result is not more than 2 years old when submitting your visa application. If you take the IELTS test, a minimum of 5 overall band scores is required.

Documents related to other family members included in the application

You can include your partner or spouse and dependent children in your visa application. For your partner or spouse, required documents will include:

  • Character documents
  • Identity documents
  • Relationship documents (e.g. marriage certificate)

For dependent children under 18, you have to submit:

  • Birth certificates or family books containing the name of both the parents
  • Parental consent form
  • Statutory declaration
  • School enrolment evidence

For dependent children above 18, you have to prove that they are unmarried and are financially dependent on you or your spouse or partner.

Documents related to taking help from a migration agent

If you are taking help from a registered migration agent from Perth, you have to submit a filled-out Form 956.


Step 3: Complete the application

You can make the application online through your ImmiAccount. If you are in Australia while making the application, you must apply for the Subclass 500 Visa within 28 days of holding your current visa.


Step 4: Complete necessary steps after the application is made

After submitting all the documents, you will still need to complete several steps. 

  • You will need to provide your biometrics.
  • You will need to go through health examinations and provide the results to the Department of Home Affairs.
  • If mistakes are there, you will get the chance to correct them.
  • If there occurs any change in the situation, let the Department of Home Affairs know about it.


Step 5: Visa outcome

Regardless of the outcome, the Department will inform you about their decision through an email. 



If you want to hire an Immigration Agent Perth to help you with the application, hire them in the first step. Make sure they have valid registration with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Always associate with the best immigration agents who have years of experience in the professional arena. 


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