Best Whiskey for Your Home Collection 2022

It’s exhilarating to drink American whiskey, and it gets better all the time. A wide variety of whiskeys are manufactured in the United States, from long-established brands to the numerous small distilleries that are springing up all over the nation. The most popular types of American whiskey include bourbon, red Brest whiskey, rye whiskey, and mixes, but there are a few experimental whiskies to try. In this list you’ll discover a mix of new and classic favourites, as well as limited editions to look forward to each year. Whatever your preferred method of consumption, these whiskeys will tickle your taste buds and give you a flavour of the current American whiskey landscape.

Check out our list of the best-selling American whiskeys in the following section.

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon

In the United States, bourbon is known as America’s Native Spirit because it must be produced domestically. In bourbon, there are several well-known brands, and it’s great to try them all. Elijah Craig Small Batch is a popular choice among whiskey connoisseurs of all stripes. For the price, it’s a great example of this kind of whiskey and can easily become a staple in any liquor cabinet.

Heaven Hill Distillery, located in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon country, produces this whiskey, which has the name of a preacher who was also a pioneering bourbon distiller. The whisky in question, a 94-proof scotch, has been matured anywhere from eight to twelve years. It’s silky and sweet, with hints of vanilla, caramel, and a woody flavour to boot. Toasty and delightfully sweet, its lingering finish entice you back for more. Elijah Craig’s bourbon cocktails are just as good as the straight stuff.

Old Forester

Cheap whiskey may burn your taste buds and throat, whilst good whiskey can eat away at your cash. Choosing properly while seeking for bargain whiskeys is essential. Old Forester Bourbon’s flagship bottle is a good option. This 86-proof version from the Kentucky distillery is a wonderful value compared to the company’s other, more expensive bourbons.

Because of its popularity, this is also the oldest bottle of Old Forester. It hasn’t altered since it was first released in 1870, and it even made it through Prohibition, which forced many distilleries to close or go out of business entirely. With an oaky sweetness and spice and vanilla notes towards the conclusion, it features the typical bourbon flavour profile with a hefty punch. It’s easy to drink and easy to blend, and it’s a great daily whiskey.

Bulleit 95 Rye Whiskey

“Frontier Whiskey” is the name given to Bulleit, and it certainly does have a rustic ring to it. Unlike other bourbons, the Kentucky distillery’s bourbon features a higher percentage of rye in its mash bill at 17 percent. Bulleit Rye is the best straight rye whiskey if you’re looking for a more robust flavour.

The mash bill for this whiskey contains 95% rye and 5% malted barley. It’s stronger than typical whiskey since it’s bottled at 90 proofs. The first taste of rye’s spiciness is immediately obvious. That transitions into a honey and vanilla taste profile, which is followed by a lengthy, crisp bouquet of flavours. It’s a great option for traditional rye Middleton whiskey cocktails like the Sazerac since it’s reasonably priced compared to other premium whiskeys.

George Dickel Barrel

The bulk of Tennessee whiskey is produced by two huge distillers. In addition to Jack Daniels, George Dickel creates numerous notable whiskeys. The Barrel Select expression is the distillery’s crowning achievement, and it is a sight to see.

While Tennessee whiskey is extremely similar to bourbon, the County Process of charcoal blissed the whiskey sets it apart from the others. There are just a few of barrels that make up each batch of Barrel Select that are aged 10 to twelve years. In order to produce a smooth and rich 86-proof whiskey with creamy, spice, and that distinctive charcoal flavor that makes Tennessee whiskey unique to Tennessee it is blended from these “best-of-the-best” whiskeys. Considering its renown, this whiskey is not too expensive and is a terrific choice for drinking.

McCarthy Whiskey

In small-batch whiskeys, each distiller puts his or her own unique spin on a centuries-old heritage. Oregon’s Hood River Distillers, a leading producer of single malt whiskey, serves as an excellent model for this. It’s worth noting that they were among the first in the country to take on this issue.

In Scotland, peat malted barley is used to make McCarthy Whiskey, a pot-distilled spirit. Even though it tastes like the Scotches from Islay, it cannot be termed a Scotch since it is produced in the USA. Infusing the whiskey with honey and buttery aromas from Oregon oak barrel aging lends it a universal appeal. If you’re feeling adventurous, try it in a Rob Roy cocktail with sweet vermouth.

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