How to Fix Linksys Router Login Issues

Unable to login to Linksys router? Need not to worry! You are not alone in the battle! People owning Linksys router are always reporting that they are unable to access the Linksys router login page. If you are also standing in the same queue, then you will be glad to know that – in this post – we’ve summed up various Linksys router troubleshooting tips that will help you fix the issue in no time. So, without much delay, let’s get started, shall we?

How to Login to Linksys Router?

Before we delve into the troubleshooting tips to fix the issue, let’s first guide you with the steps on how to access the Linksys router login page. Chances are that you are following the wrong or incorrect login steps.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to access the Linksys router login page in a fly:

Step 1: Turn on your Linksys router and connect it to your modem using an Ethernet cable. Ensure that you have a well-maintained and non-damaged Ethernet cable. On the off chance if you found any damages on the wire, replace it right away and try connecting your devices wirelessly. And if you have another Ethernet cable that is in good condition, use than instead.

Step 2: After making a secure and finger-tight connection (wired or wireless) between your Linksys router and modem, power them on by plugging them into a working wall outlet.

Step 3: Turn on your PC or laptop and connect it to your router’s WiFi.

Step 4: Load up a web browser of your choice on the device, hover the mouse cursor over the browser’s address bar and enter the default Linksys router IP address. Once you’re done, press the Enter key.

Step 5: Linksys WiFi setup page displays. Fill in the admin credentials of your Linksys router and click on the Log In button.

You’re all done! In this way, you can log in to your Linksys router with great ease.

Why Can’t I Access the Linksys Router Login Page?

Continuously getting Linksys router login error is really annoying, isn’t it? Well, there can be a number of reasons why you are unable to access the Linksys router login page. You must know the exact reason behind the issue, so that you can get rid of the issue in a jiffy.

Reason 1: You are using an incorrect IP address. Sometimes, there are typos in the IP address that might cause login issues.

Reason 2: Chances are that you might have entered the IP address in the search bar instead of the URL bar. As a result, you may land on another web page instead of Linksys WiFi setup portal.

Reason 3: Where is your Linksys router placed? In case you kept the device away from the reach of your modem and near to interference-creating WiFi devices, then also you are going to face Linksys router login issues for sure.

Reason 4: Your Linksys is not connected to your modem properly.

Reason 5: You have a slow or poor internet connection.

Reason 6: The web browser you are using to login to Linksys router is outdated or accumulated with junk files, cache, and browsing history.

Reason 7: Your Linksys router is not getting enough power supply.

Reason 8: The hardware of your Linksys device is damaged or your router is running an obsolete firmware version.

So, now you know the main reason causing Linksys router login issues, right? Now, you can easily fix the issue by following the troubleshooting tips highlighted below:

Linksys Router Troubleshooting: Can’t Access the Linksys Router Login Page

On the off chance if you can’t access the Linksys router login page, follow a few fixes outlined underneath:

  • Make sure that your Linksys router is turned on.

  • Wired or wireless connection that you have made between your Linksys router and modem must be proper.

  • The computer or laptop that you are using to perform Linksys router login must not be infected with any viruses.

  • You have entered the correct Linksys router IP address to access the login page.

  • There are no typing errors in the router’s username and password.

  • Linksys router setup process is performed and completed properly.


Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this post will help you get rid of Linksys router login issues. In the event that there is something that is still bothering you, do let us know via comments.

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