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Make efficient packaging with pillow boxes wholesale!

The product sales depend on the art and design of packaging boxes. The boxes can make or break the customers’ purchasing decisions. However, you can sell fragile goods such as glass, jewelry, ornaments, crockery, and many others in Custom stand up pouches. However, for the newbies, it is really tough to survive in the market. If you are having an issue with efficient packaging, then we are here to help. We make sure to give insight details about pillow casing so that you can sell your products in them.

Further, considering the effectiveness of pillow-style packaging, you must have to admit the revolution in the marketing and packaging industry. Not only sellers but buyers also acknowledge the efficiency of packaging material which elongates the product’s life.

Top 10 ways to pack goods in pillow boxes

Here are the top ten ways through which up can set the benchmark for other brands too. Also, these are the ideas to stand out from the crowd.

  1. To make the packaging instantly grab the attention of the customers then use the customization technique.
  2. You can pour out marvelous designs in pillow boxes by employing the latest innovations and technology.
  3. As the customers always seek unique design, use high-quality packaging material
  4. Whatever the box holds, the external image matters the most. Use crafting and other art technique to make pillow-style boxes worthy.
  5. The graphics and printing on the packaging make it eye-catching. It is because the colorful boxes receive more acknowledgment than simple boxes.
  6. The outer body of the product hides its flaws of the product. If the packaging is nice and flawless, then the customer might think of an excellent product.
  7. The lightweight of boxes makes them more convenient for the customers. They are also easy to transport or ship from one place to another.
  8. The material of the boxes is another plus point to make the packaging good
  9. The quality of resealable gives the customers ease of opening and closing of the box
  10. Lamination and coating on pillowcases give unique look to them

What is the specification of pillow-style packaging?

As the concept of D.I. Y, which means Do It Yourself, has increased over the past few years. As buyers like this trend, it gives them the leverage to make their own box. They can assemble it into their desired shape. However, Pillow style coverings are portable, and ideal for storing fragile and slightly heavier items. Simple to build boxes that simply require a template, cardboard, and Kraft paper to mimic the pillow box. Corrugated cardboard has been used by professional producers to increase strength. It’s so easy that you can do it yourself.

Similarly, product boxes with a built-in cushion or pillow allow the packaging material to be conveniently adjusted to the inside. As a result, the packed material remains intact and undamaged in its durability. Using cardboard to make pillowcases gives you the best chance of safely storing your items. Even if you sell products online, these custom cardboard pillowcases are out of stock. The built-in pillow holds your belongings securely in custom boxes. The external quality of delicate products will not be damaged by external factors such as sunlight, temperature changes, and even improper use.

pillow boxes wholesale

How to make extraordinary eye-catching boxes?

You can use a variety of innovative techniques to create unique pillowcases. The aluminum covers can also add a fresh and pretty touch to your pillowcase. You can also print photos or user manuals on pillowcases that you create creatively. To create a great pillowcase, you can use a bold color scheme or your business theme. You can also use this pillow box as a gift. Just wrap the tie in its own pillowcase and give it to your loved one as an example.

Lamination can make the box more secure and tidy. It will also protect your wholesale pillow boxes from the effects of fingerprints thanks to the water-based coating. Market and branding of your own can be tricky. Further, invest in logo pillowcases if you want to stand out in crowded shopping streets. Your brand logo can help you stand out from hundreds of other companies with similar products. Creating a unique logo is a great idea if you want customers to recognize your company. Box designers will help you choose a unique logo for your pillowcase.

How does material increase the effectiveness of packaging

I am not exaggerating if I say that the material of any box matters more than anything. It is the need for a product to be covered in a high-quality material such as Pillow boxes wholesale. However, there are several materials which we have been using for custom packaging boxes of goods for a long time. Also, these materials are budget-friendly, which lowers the production cost and increases sales. Here are some materials which can be used in pillow covering which can benefit both customer and the seller.

  • Cardboard has made from plant materials that are easily recyclable.
  • Kraft paper is a biodegradable paper made from cellulose and natural materials.
  • Corrugated cardboard gives the cushion box rigidity so that it retains its shape and holds the material securely.

In addition, the customers also want to see and touch the things they buy. It is because they want to sense the quality of the material. This will lead them to make their purchase decision. Contrary, if you are a seller, then your items may be damaged or altered during this viewing and contacting process. To overcome this, make your pillowcase with a clear window on the top or front. Customers will be mesmerized by the attractive and inspiring view of your item through this window. This cut glass enhances the visibility of your item, allowing shoppers to make smarter purchasing decisions.


The sustainability of success in a packaging company is the effectiveness of its packaging. The customers question the effectiveness of the product as well as its packaging. To answer this brands use high-quality packaging materials like Kraft, Cardboard, and Cardstock. Most of the pillow boxes are wholesale made from such material to attract customers and increase sales.

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