Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Becomes First Game to Join eSports World Cup

While you may not have heard of it, this Summer, the eSports World Cup is set to kick off in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Up until now, absolutely no games have been announced for the World Cup, which meant those that had heard of it weren’t even sure whether it was going to run. Well, we can now officially confirm that Mobile Legends will be one of the games featured at the event, and those taking part could grab a share of a $3.5 million prize pool.

The eSports World Cup

At the moment, not too much is known about the eSports World Cup other than the fact that it is taking place in July and August in Saudi Arabia. Even the team behind the eSports World Cup still aren’t sure of the dates, however, they have confirmed they have funding for the event, and that a $3.5 million prize pool will be available during the tournament. Games other than Mobile Legends have yet to be announced.

No information about how to enter the tournament has even been announced, although we are sure that entry will be for the pro Mobile Legends teams, so you’d have to do something a bit more than top up Mobile Legends diamond to be in with a chance of competing!

If the eSports World Cup does run with Mobile Legends, then we are positive that it will be one of the more thrilling Mobile Legends events yet, mostly due to the huge prize pool that will be available. Plus, not many games can claim they will have taken part in the world’s first eSports World Cup.

ByteDance, Owner of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang See This as a Saving Grace

Online, people are surprised that Mobile Legends is even included in this event. Recently, ByteDance, the owner of Moonton, the team behind Mobile Legends, have said that they will no longer be supporting the gaming side of their business. They claim that despite Mobile Legends making a good amount of money from ML diamond sales, the economy is nowhere near as strong as it was. As a result, they are looking to sell Mobile Legends to another company, with Tencent, apparently, in the running. So, nobody even expected that ByteDance would invest in the tournament.

It is likely that ByteDance are seeing this tournament as somewhat of a saving grace for them. They are hoping that the game will be popular at the tournament, and that it will drive future sales. However, since they already have millions of unique players per month, it is tough to see exactly where all those extra customers will be coming from.

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