RTP High Slots 2022

RTP High Slots 2022

High-RTP slots provide player’s greater return on their time spent playing. Why, therefore, would a slot player pick a game with a low RTP? Learn through reading!

Players of slot machines often base their decisions on the return-to-player rate (RTP), as this information impacts the likelihood that their stake will be paid off. Your slot approach should be heavily influenced by the RTP percentage of the machines you play. This is why players are drawn in droves to slots with the highest RTP.

Does the return % factor towards slot selection? Which games offer the best player return? We respond to those queries by talking about high RTP slots.

RTP slots explained high

The rate a player may anticipate after playing a slot machine for a specific amount of time is called the return to player (RTP). Slot machines with a high return to player (RTP) range from 97% to 99.5%. Players have the biggest advantage over the casino with these slots, as seen by the high percentage.

In physical slots, the RTP and other helpful statistics, such the game’s volatility, are typically displayed on the machine itself. You may locate this information in the game’s settings menu for online casino slots. The majority of countries demand that casino owners and game designers disclose the public return-to-player rate.

Example: if you stake $100 on a game with a 95% return to player (RTP), your return should reach $95 after multiple spins of the reels. The player’s edge, also known as RTP, in the example slot offered you a 95% edge while giving the house a 5% edge.

High RTPs in slots: positives and cons

Does having a higher edge than the house pay off? Let’s respond to it by outlining the benefits and drawbacks of playing high RTP slots.

High RTP slots’ advantages: greater long-term profit

The long-term profitability of high RTP slots is one of its main benefits. This is significant for players since those who continue to play will ultimately lose to the house. When playing games with large returns, you may turn the tables on the house advantage and ultimately make more money.

Simple wagering requirements to meet

Promos for new players, such as deposit bonuses or free spins. These benefits come with a catch. The bonus or earnings from your free spins must be wagered up to a specified amount. A typical wagering requirement is 40 times the sum. You must place wagers totaling around $8,000 to withdraw a $200 bonus if you received one.

Slot machines with high RTP or qualifying games with the highest returns are effective ways to obtain the necessary amount. By reducing the risk, you may fulfill the wagering requirement while keeping the majority of your bonus.

Low promotional eligibility for high RTP slots

In slot tournaments, players compete to earn the most credits in a qualifying game, which is frequently held by casinos. Unfortunately, as operators deploy these promotions on medium or low-RTP games, high-RTP slots are frequently left out of them.

A lack of opportunities with high payouts

Why do casino goers prefer slots with lower RTP Slot HariIni and more volatility when they have a significant edge over the house? It is the little rate of return on your wagers. One distinguishing characteristic of high-RTP slots is that, with the exception of a few games, they contain fewer features than other games, such as progressive jackpots.

After playing the game for a sizably long time, playing slots with high returns typically causes a little rise in your total wager. On the other hand, after playing low-RTP, high-variance slots for a short while, fortunate players may double or triple their bets.

High-RTP slots’ top 5

Are you trying to gain the upper hand on the house? Here are the top high-RTP slot machines that will give you the best payouts.

  • One is mega joker (netent, 99% RTP).
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Mega joker from netent, which provides a startling 99% RTP with its exclusive supermeter feature, is the first game on our list. Five paylines and two 3×3 reels make up this slot. You begin by continuously spinning the bottom reels till you win.

Your earnings are converted into credits that may be used on the supermeter or the top reel, both of which offer significantly bigger prizes.

One of the rarest high-RTP slots with a progressive jackpot that is activated by a random draw is called mega joker. The joker symbols, which may provide players with up to 2,000 coins in random cash rewards, are another feature.

2. RTP 99.1% for ocean princess (playtech)

The playtech slot machine ocean princess, which has five rows and three reels, deviates from the norm. The “hold” function is available on each of the three reels of this slot machine’s reel configuration.

You can choose to hold one or all three of the reels after they have been spun. By doing this, the same symbols will appear on each of the five rows and stay there while the rest of the reels spin on your subsequent turn.

With the hold function on ocean princess, it is simple to make matches with each spin. In response to your likely question, it is possible to hold all three reels when the same symbols appear and completely fill the 3×5 reels with one sort of symbol for a significant payout.

3. Nemo’s voyage (wms, 99% RTP)

Since there are five different types of wild symbols in nemo’s voyage from wms, this feature stands out. When the submarine on the right side falls to a specific level, one of the four wilds is activated.

4. The symbol’s multiplier wilds treble any matches.

  • When it falls on the reels, pressurized wilds can grow to cover up to three rows.
  • Three stacked wilds are clumped wilds.
  • All four rows of the reels may be occupied by wild reels.
  • The sticky wild, a fifth wild symbol, may be found in nemo’s voyage’s bonus round. When a wild symbol emerges, it remains in place for the duration of the remaining free spins.

The fourth game is cosmic quest 2: mystery planets (rival powered, 98.95%).

The expanding wild symbol in cosmic quest 2 by rival powered may fill a complete reel in space, where the house edge is just 1.05%. Having three or more of the “scatterstronaut” symbols show up on the reels will start two extra bonuses. One of these features is the chance to win a random cash reward in the random win mode.

The second added feature that sets cosmic quest 2 apart is skill play. You manoeuvre a starship across a vast, blocked-off channel in the skill-gaming mode. The maximum distance your ship may go affects your reward. The largest compensation is awarded if you arrive at the landing pad after finishing the voyage.

5. Jackpot 6000 (net entertainment, RTP 98.9%)

Another version of netent’s mega joker that includes joker symbols and a supermeter is called jackpot 6000. A 6000 jackpot win is assured when three joker symbols line up either horizontally or diagonally. Additionally, profits from every game go toward the supermeter, which offers a larger payout, and the mystery win feature where two joker symbols landing on the reels might earn you 10 to 6,000 coins.

The gamble mini-game, in which you choose which side of the coin will land, is one exclusive feature of jackpot 6000 that is missing from mega joker. Your earnings are doubled if you make the appropriate decision in the mini-game.

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