Sony Xperia Pro

What You Need To Know About the Sony Xperia Pro Launch!

The invention of new technology every day tech products are getting better and better. The time is not far when you will have transparent smartphones in your hands and it will be very normal. Before the launch of all these new age camera smartphones, Sony had a name in the marketplace as it had the best smartphones, still has. Recently it has introduced a new high end camera as a part of its Xperia series which is known as the Sony Xperia pro. This model has all the specifications like its predecessor, the Sony Xperia 2 but it is more advanced. The smartphone is also commercialized towards a photography addict because it can also be used as a viewfinder for the camera through its dedicated HDMI port. This model also allows the users to live stream content from their cameras to the Internet. However, there are not many features that are really interesting about the smartphone. It is like a normal smartphone but a lot of high end functions that a normal user can’t get a hold of, so easily. It has an inbuilt network analyzer app that allows you to get the most out of your network connection by concluding the ideal location with maximum signal strength. This feature can be really useful for photographers that work out in the field especially in such areas where there is a problem of network connectivity.

Features of Sony Xperia Pro

Price And Availability

The price of this smartphone is the talk of the town but according to Sony it is the world’s first smartphone with an HDMI input, so that justifies it. With a discounted cost you can get the Sony Xperia pro for a price tag of $2500. The user can purchase it via platforms like Amazon, B&H photo video, and Sony’s online stores.


Like the Sony Xperia 2, it’s predecessor the pro model has a 6.5 inches or lived with a 4K resolution. It also covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum. To say that this is one of the world’s first smartphones to accomplish all the requirements for BT.2020 standards it won’t be wrong. The cell phone comes with one of the best screens that have been introduced in the tech marketplace. However the things can get a tad unsatisfying on the hardware part. This is because the Xperia pro operates the previous year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 which is not as latest as the smartphones of this age. The phone comes with a combined 256GB of storage Which is expandable up to 1TB and 8GB/12 GB of RAM. The Sony Xperia Pro camera comes with a 12 megapixels primary lens which is also an ultra wide angle lens along with a 12 pixel telephoto lens with a ToF sensor. It’s selfie camera is about 8 megapixel and can handle selfies on video calls really well. You can connect the Xperia pro to a suitable camera or camcorder in order to get the live feed on your phone’s OLED display which will be a sight to look at! There is also a CineAlta-powered creator mode for high-end cinematography. The phone also supports 5G, micro-HDMI port, Bluetooth 5.1, and Type-C port.


It comes with a sleek finish and an exceptional design with black color body that makes this model a treat for your eyes.

Battery Life

This smartphone comes with a 4000 image battery that supports fast charging at 21 Watts with the help of a USB type C port. Sony has also changed its side mounted fingerprint sensors. It now supports wireless connectivity and includes Bluetooth 5.1, Wi-Fi 6, NFC and MMwave5G which was not available on Xperia 2 This model leaves Android 10 far behind.

Innovation and novelty when paired together, make a perfect combination and this is what Sony Xperia Pro is.

The smartphone is great and is normally meant for professional use, and for people who are in the photography field. However, if you want to experience a previous Sony smartphone it is not too late to go for it.

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