What to see in Japan and when to go?

Somewhere between centuries of tradition and modernity, it is an absolute. Situated on 6,800 islands, with an active volcano, four writing systems, the world’s most punctual trains, a black cat that heralds good fortune, and constitutionally guaranteed work sleep. Such is Japan. She has an infinite number of faces. It intrigues, surprises with its cultural diversity and… …completely captivating. Japan is also fascinating in the sense that it’s perfectly legal to play at online casinos. We recommend online 日本人の為のオンラインカジノ, where you can find a casino to suit all tastes and preferences. If you’re dreaming of a unique trip to a place that will give you an extraordinary experience, the Land of the Cherry Blossoms should be your next

What is the real Japan like?

Is it the one you had a chance to see in Akiro Kurosawa’s films? Or maybe the one from manga and anime? Japan has many shades and faces. You will get to know them, especially if you set out to explore it as a traveller.

Tokyo – where age-old tradition blends with ultra-modernity

On a trip to Japan, it’s impossible to miss its capital Tokyo. It is a vibrant global metropolis with a population of around 38 million. Here you will discover the magic of the past, back when Tokyo was still called Edo, and a whiff of the future – sometimes at the same time!

Discover the unique atmosphere of the historic Asakusa district with the monumental Sensō-ji temple, marvel at the neon lights of Akihabara and visit the iconic Shibuya (with a pedestrian crossing that serves 2 million every day) and Shinjuku with the world’s busiest train station. Moving around Tokyo is a multi-dimensional experience that will leave you with an extraordinary impression. Also check out the Tsukiji fish market, where you will discover species of fish that are hard to find in Europe and have the chance to taste fantastic Japanese cuisine. Contrary to appearances, in Tokyo (and elsewhere) it is not sushi that reigns supreme, but ramen. It tastes so good only in the Land of the Cherry Blossom!

In search of timeless magic

Visit Japan’s historic capital, Kyoto, with its magical Fushimi Inari Temple, where a series of red-painted gates form an unusual corridor. It’s also here that you can take in the Silver and Golden Pavilions – surrounded by spectacular gardens.

Go to Osaka and Hiroshima, but also to places you won’t find on the front pages of a guidebook. To Miyajima, an island in the Inner Sea of Japan, take a ferry straight from Hiroshima. This is where you’ll reach the spectacular Itsukushima chram.

Climb the sacred mountain of Koya (Koyasan), visit Nikko, see for yourself the sakura or cherry blossom (depending on the location, it lasts from March to early May) or the picturesque shimmering maple trees in autumn. Go to a sumo fight or a Japanese bath (called an onsen), spend a night in a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan). And these are just some of the experiences that could soon be yours too!

In Japan you will discover a new face of Asia

Japan stands out from other countries in the Far East. Specific culture, unique traditions, landforms (70% of the islands are mountainous), amazing culinary traditions, fascinating history – everyone who loves to explore the world will find themselves here.

When to go to Japan?

Japan lies within three climate zones: tropical in the south, subtropical in the central part and temperate in the north. For the most part there are four seasons (their distribution is similar to that in Europe). The exceptions are the region of Kiusiu and the Riukiu Islands in the south.

In Japan, winter can be very cold, and summer – hot. Therefore, the most comfortable periods to visit the Land of the Cherry Blossom are:

  • Spring – especially during Hanami, or cherry blossom season (which lasts from mid-March to early May, depending on the region),
  • Autumn – when the nature shines with many colours (beautiful maple trees!), and the temperature fluctuates around 15 degrees Celsius.

You can also go here in the summer – remember that in Japan then the heat is combined with high humidity, and between August and October may appear typhoons. Winter is the time to visit the ski resorts, with the famous Sapporo at the top.


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