Know About Dental Crown Procedure And Complications

A damaged tooth will no longer hold you back from smiling your heart out. With a dental crown, you get your charm and confidence back in your life. It is the magic that awaits to happen in your life after you have noticed something terrible in your dental area.

Some things that must be considered before getting a dental crown include its cost, durability, and strength. You can also choose a material for your Dentist in Ventura. It is generally made from ceramic, metal, porcelain, zirconia, composite resin, or a combination of all the materials.

You would be at the liberty to choose what you find is best for you. When you feel confused, you can visit a dental clinic in Calgary to get a professional recommendation.

Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crowns enter your life only if you have got a weak or a cracked tooth. Dentists may also recommend you go for a dental crown if your tooth has worn down terribly over the time.

Procedure of placing a dental crown majorly remains the same. It only differs on the number of visits that you and your dentist are willing to invest.

One Day

The first type of dental procedure takes only one day. However you may be required to remain in the clinic.

It starts with the dentist taking a digital picture of your dental area. This is followed by scanning the image to create a crown. This takes roughly 1-2 hours, during which you can remain within the premises of the clinic. Post the waiting time, the dentist cements the drown at the required place.

While the procedure eliminates the need of placing a temporary crown, it faces one major issue. Technology to create a dental crown instantly is rarely available in a clinic.

Two Day

Two Day dental crown procedure requires you to revisit the clinic for the second sitting.

The first sitting consists of the dentist examining the oral health through his or her naked eyes. An x-ray may be required depending on how serious the condition looks. Dentists also opt for an x-ray to get clarity or confirmation about their judgment. A part of the outer layer of your tooth is removed and then the dentist makes an impression of the tooth that has been trimmed along with the surrounding teeth.

As a protective measure, the dentist places a temporary crown between the surrounding teeth. This is one major part that is added in this type of dental crown procedure. The dentist then sends the impression to the lab and once he or she receives the crown, it is cemented at the required place.

Dental Crown Complications

Like every other medical procedure, dental crown placement poses certain risks. They majorly deal with you feeling a bit uncomfortable in more than one way after the crown has been cemented in your dental area.


Dental crowns placed by a dentist can get chipped. The most vulnerable material known to suffer from chipping is porcelain.

You can get it repaired; however, the repair work may not be required to be done if it was fused with another material. For example, porcelain fused with metal would still be okay if it showed metal in a good condition.

Repair work can always be chosen as an option but it would be another expense for you, especially if it is not recommended by a professional.


Every person’s body responds differently to the same environment that they are exposed to. A negative response falls under the category of being allergic.

Your dental area may respond differently to a treatment that someone else went through from the same dentist in Calgary. Majority of the patients are known to be allergic to the metal dental crown.

It causes side effects like itching, rashes, or redness around the area of the dental crown. Dentists either treat it with a medicine or replace it entirely with another material.


A complication may arise where you develop sensitivity to a certain temperature. You may also begin to experience sensitivity to the pressure with which you bite your food.

Such complications can be treated easily by a dentist in Calgary. You can book an appointment, visit the clinic, and get it filed down properly. Dentists can also consider changing the placement of the crown.

No matter what, visit the clinic immediately when you begin experiencing a complication.

Final Words

The other two complications include dental crown being knocked out or getting loose and development of a gum disease. Both occur only if the examination was not performed properly or if the crown was not cemented firmly in the required area.

Let the dentist recommend the best material and procedure for you. Out of all the available dental crowns in Calgary, you can be assured that the dentist will only prescribe what best suits your dental health.

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