Best Neighborhoods in Dallas For Professionals

The phrase “Super Bowl” was invented in Dallas, the 9th part of the United States. The city has a theme tune named after it, thanks to the hit television show of the same name.

Do not be fooled by Dallas’ renowned image. As a result, it is more accurate to characterize Dallas as a solid American metropolis striving to be even better than yesterday. Dallas’s eight wards have contributed to the city’s present-day character.

Although each region has its distinct characteristics, we considered the uniqueness, location, attractiveness, and educational opportunities when selecting these top eight Dallas neighborhoods.

Dallas’s Finest Neighborhoods

Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow is the best place in Dallas to buy real estate looking for large properties. One of Dallas’ most affluent neighborhoods in Preston Hollow. Some of Dallas’ most prominent private schools are within walking distance of the area’s inhabitants. Preston Hollow is dotted with stately mansions from the inter-war years. Strait Road and Inwood Lane, two of the most well-known streets in the area, are home to some of Dallas’ most opulent estates. It is one of the best neighborhoods in Dallas for professionals. Check Dallas studio apartments for rent which are budget friendly choices for renting an apartment.

Many of these roadways lack sidewalks and curbing since they were built so long ago, but they are lined with enormous, ancient oak trees—home prices in this area range from $767,055 on average to $30,000,000 or more. If you’re searching for an elite neighborhood in Dallas, Preston Hollow is the place to be, thanks to George W. Bush and his wife.


White Rock Lake and downtown Dallas are within easy reach of this historic district. Because of its location, this area is in high demand among those looking to purchase a property. It’s no secret that Lakewood’s gorgeous houses, which sell for an average of $837,500, are noted for their casual luxury. Craftsman, Bungalow, and Tudor-style architecture may be abundant in this area. 

The old neighborhood’s aesthetic has been preserved, but additional residences have been included. Many factors contributed to our decision to include Lakewood as among Dallas’s eight most significant neighborhoods, including its award-winning primary school, which Great rates a perfect 10 out of 10.

University Park 

There is more to University Park than just a college town; it is a vibrant community with many businesses, restaurants, and attractions. People are attracted to this town-within-a-city for various reasons, including quiet streets, groomed lawns, and beautiful residences.

University Park is a pricey neighborhood, but many consider its closeness to downtown and its numerous facilities well worth the entry price. Those who live in University Park also have access to a top-notch public education system that begins in kindergarten and goes through graduation.

Arts District of Bishop

The most significant art area in the U.s is located in this Dallas area. Ten minutes south of the city of Dallas, the Bishops Arts District is filled with museums, galleries, unusual events, and independent stores. The various foreign restaurants, cafés, and pubs may be found in the colorful passageways decorated with murals. 

The Bishop Arts Theatre Centre and the Kessler Theater both provide nightly performances. If you are searching for a vibrant social scene, the Bishops Art Scene is the place to be.

Deep Ellum

The nightlife in Dallas’ Deep Ellum district is booming. There are currently live music venues, restaurants, cultural centers, and taverns in this area, which was formerly renowned for hosting outstanding jazz and blues musicians, including Bessie Smith and Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Known as one of Dallas’ most culturally diverse neighborhoods, Niche named Deep Ellum one of the best places to live.


It’s time to look at the statistics for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s best communities. Getting the harsh words out of the way immediately, public transportation receives 2.8 out of 5 stars. To live in Dallas-Ft. You will need a vehicle, bicycle, excellent footwear, or an endless supply of patience. Let us look at the massive points now that it’s out of the way. Dallas-Ft. Worth is not known for anything in particular, although it excels in many tasks. 

At 38.9/50, Dallas ranked among the top cities in the United States to live. However, even though Dallas-Fort Worth is a dangerous place, the city has some areas that provide inhabitants with an excellent quality of life. Dallas-Fort Worth may be the place for you if you plan to raise a family, like sports, or want to see some skyscrapers.

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