Enjoy Australian-made Holiday Gifts and Goods!

In Australia Christmas tends to be an outdoor celebration for many families enjoying the warm weather and gathering together around a pool, BBQ or beach. Here is a look at some great gifts to consider giving to friends and family from top-quality Australian-made sites like Grampians Goods co.

Adding Table

Picnic tables are a great addition to any outdoor space. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any size or style of space. For more information check out Hammer and Brush.

Tea and Coffee lovers

If you have someone you know loves tea or coffee you could put together a lovely basket either of their favourite varieties or of new products you think they might like to try. Consider whether you want to stick to organic products and look at gourmet options to add something special to the gift. You might even look to create something full of local options and then add to the gift some personalised cups or mugs, a teapot and so on.

Picnic time

A great gift for most outdoorsy Australians whether you enjoy the greener spaces or beaches. Place a great selection of gourmet jams and honey, again local would be great, shop for Australian-made cheeses and pair it with Artisan crackers, add a bottle of wine and don’t forget the all-important picnic blanket. Grampians goods co do two great blankets you could use, tartan blankets made from recycled wool or a choice from the Antipodean Collection Picnic blankets.

BBQ lovers

If you are buying for avid fans of BBQing you could compile a gift basket with an array of products made in Australia that will make them smile! Source Australian meats and fish if you know there is a fridge nearby, but if not or you have a long drive to get to them, think about what other products they might like to try. Different sauces, marinades, spice mixes, rubs and then throw in some beers to go with it.

Alcoholic gifts

Whether you are buying for the holidays or some other reason for a celebration and get together, often alcohol is a very welcome gift. You could give them something you know they enjoy or you could buy a selection of wines or beers made locally. Or how about you celebrate Australia with a wine or beer from each state. Put in some glasses or steins, maybe add some beer snacks or cheese and crackers.

Aromatherapy Candles

If you are gifting to someone not into food, drinking or tea and coffee how about some lovely aromatherapy candles from haws. These are candles made in Australia inspired by rural Western Victoria. They are hand-poured and are completely eco-friendly and plant based scented with blends of essential oils. For the Australian looking for scented candles that are non-toxic and clean burning with no carcinogens or pollutants, this is it!


When you are heading to see friends and family over the holidays or any time of the year, it is always appreciated when you gift something thoughtful, yummy and made in Australia, even perhaps sourced locally. When someone has a lot of things already, or they are trying to limit how many things they have, the above kind of gifts are ideal!

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