The Causes And Effects Of Kidney Stones And Kidney Stones Removal 

Kidney stones are one of the most commonly prevalent medical issues found today, haunting a wide section of the population.

It can be seen as a common issue yet at the same time one which is also extremely dangerous if left untreated; kidney stones lead to a variety of serious health implications and are created as a result of factors we often overlook, making it an extremely dangerous and under the radar disease towards which creating awareness is essential.

Join us today as we delve deeper into kidney stones, discuss their causes, treatments, and what you need to consider before getting a kidney stones removal.

The problem

A kidney stone occurs when a solid material gets lodged inside the kidney and starts to create abnormalities and issues in the functioning kidney, this can have a vast and diverse effect on the individual health of a person and create inconvenience when it comes to performing urinary functions, in most cases where a kidney stone grows more than 5 millimeters or .2 inches, it can cause a severe issue in the ureter by blocking its path, this results in sharp pain in the abdomen which makes it hard to function normally.

The causes

Kidney stones are caused by a variety of factors that we generally tend to ignore; with the more hectic and work-oriented world of today, it becomes difficult for a person to keep track of their health, and this tends to encourage the growth of several other micro issues which accumulate into larger issues, these factors may be as follow –

  • Failing kidney function
  • Consumption of foods linked to increase in kidney stones
  • Obesity 
  • Lack of appropriate consumption of water

There is a myriad of other factors as well which contribute to the growth of kidney stones, and as such result in advanced issues which are created by them thereof.

The effects

The effects of a kidney stone on a human body can be quite varied, both In severity and significance; the effects may be as follow

  • Extreme abdominal pain 
  • Pain while passing urine 
  • Blocking of the urinary tract 
  • Triggers nausea
  • Causes serious vomiting


As you might have learned, kidney stone is a very solemn issue and requires immediate treatment to avoid further pains and kidney function issues; kidney stones can be treated via surgery for which cirugía de extracción de cálculos renales is performed. This surgery effectively extracts the stone from the kidney and provides relief to the person. However, it is not without its cons. With intensive and hygienic post-care being required and certain side effects that take place, it is a drastic step that may have an unspecified impact on the body and its function.

Side effects of stone removal surgery

  • Unpleasant pains – kidney stone removals patients have felt discomfort and pains even after the extraction surgery.
  • Infection – An infection of the area is more than likely if the appropriate care is not taken of the area where the surgery has happened.
  • Need to urinate more frequently – Patients have elaborated on a feeling to urinate more frequently than not because of the stone removal procedure.

Kidney stones are a silent killer, while in their growth stages, the effect ts may not be substantially felt, it becomes important to get them extracted as soon as possible, with far-reaching impacts on overall health and a general and constant pain which keeps pestering, it is more than just necessary to be aware of the symptoms, understand them and eradicate the issue before it grows.

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